Chamisa mocks Mnangagwa’s ‘choir’ of losing presidential candidates


…says Zimbabwe faces leadership deficit problem


GWERU- After he sensationally snubbed Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s invitation for dialogue with other July 30 presidential poll candidates recently, opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has scoffed at the 76-year-old Zanu PF strongman saying he could not be part-and-parcel of Mnangagwa’s ‘Choir’ of submissive electoral losers minus a credible neutral intermediator.

Addressing thousands of party supporters who braved the roasting sunny Sunday afternoon to attend the main opposition party’s ‘Victory’ Rally at Mkoba Stadium in Gweru yesterday, Chamisa also took a scathing attack on political archenemy and MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe and controversy-ridden opposition politician Elton Mangoma for apparently siding with Mnangagwa.

“Ndakaona ave kusheedza hama dzake; choir yake yaari kusheedza ku State House- vana Mangoma nana Khupe, ndikati ini I am not going to be part of the choir because handidi kupinda mu choir. We will soon advise you on the context, the circumstances and the way forward (with regards to the issue of dialogue)”, said the youthful opposition leader.

The 41-year-old opposition leader who has persistently refused to recognize Mnangagwa as the constitutionally-elected President of Zimbabwe said the main source of the problems currently bedeviling the country are as a result of the ‘leadership deficit’ problems which he alleges to have been created by Mnangagwa, the poll-governing Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) which allegedly doctored the presidential election results and the Constitutional Court.

“Before we even go about explaining the nature of our crisis (to the international community), which has to be understood by Zimbabweans, we must understand what the nature of the crisis in Zimbabwe is all about. The nature of the crisis is the problem of Governance. It is a legitimate crisis. It is a leadership deficit problem. It is a confidence-gap issue. It is a trust-gap issue, said Chamisa.

The ex-student activist, who is revered for being one of the founding members of the opposition MDC during its formative years in 1999, said no amount of efforts from the Mnangagwa administration would likely rescue the country from the economic mess it is currently embroiled in.

“There cannot be any economic transformation without democratic consolidation. What this means is that; without democracy, you cannot have a good economy. You can’t build the economy on the debris of a rotten political culture”, he said.