July Moyo used $70k in failed Parly contest



GWERU- President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s trusted lieutenant and Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister July Moyo reportedly used a whooping US$70 000 in his failed bid to bag the Redcliff constituency for Zanu PF in a parliamentary contest he faced a mere graveyard assistant with Redcliff Municipality.

The surprise parliamentarian and former grave digger, Lloyd Mukapiko of the cash-strapped MDC Alliance told midlandsnews on the sidelines of the recent opposition MDC Alliance post-electoral rally in Gweru that he had to sell his sole residential stand for just $8 000, using only $2 500 from the proceeds of the sale.

On the other hand, Mukapiko also claimed that Minister Moyo parted ways with over US$70 000, albeit his dramatic fall in a close contest in which the former beat the latter by a mere 419 votes. A total of 11 739 voters balloted in favor of the underestimated Mukapiko whilst Minister Moyo got 11 320.

“Very few people believed I would win this contest which also involved a political heavyweight in the mould of July Moyo. A certain member from my campaign team even told me face-off that even if he could be allowed to vote a hundred times for me, it was still impossible for me to win against Moyo”, said Mukapiko.

“I decided to throw my hat into the ring despite the fact that I virtually had nothing and as the political temperatures kept boiling up ahead of July 30, I decided to sell the only residential stand I had to boost my coffers. Honestly speaking, I only used $2 500 from the proceeds but my rival had to use over $70 000 during the campaign”, he said.

The House of National Assembly debutant who still resides at his rented humble dwellings in the teeming compound of Torwood also said the local government minister was ‘glad because he thought he was facing a weak, and little known rival in the elections’. He, however, conceded that; in the event of a by-election against the same opponent, he was likely going to lose it.

Mukapiko becomes the first opposition politician to win an election in Redcliff constituency. Previously, the constituency was fused to Silobela-Redcliff constituency. The soft-spoken parliamentarian also claimed that he was already working on philanthropic activities in a bid to steal the hearts of supporters based in the underlying resettlement areas where Zanu PF has a massive backing.Feedback: editor@midlandsnews.co.zw