Kwekwe MP falls on hard times?


…Blackman claims he travels with borrowed Honda Fit for security reasons


Self-confessed Grade Two dropout and National Patriotic Front (NPF) Kwekwe central MP, Masango Matambanadzo, widely known as Blackman in political circles, has reportedly fallen on hard times following indications that he is now using a modest Honda Fit jalopy belonging to his personal assistant when travelling.

According to reports, the MP’s fortunes have been waning since the time he was expelled from Zanu PF during the run-up to last year’s July 30 synchronised elections and most of the vehicles he had been using have mechanically broken down and in need of repairs. The Ford Ranger he got from parliament during his preceding tenure was reportedly involved in an accident and has been defunct for quite some time now.

On the other hand, sources also told midlandsnews that the Kwekwe MP has also been facing hardships at his mining claim while fortunes have reportedly continued to wan at his farm.

But speaking to this publication, Matambanadzo said he did not care about ‘what people are saying over how I travel’. Matambanadzo also said he decided to use his PA’s Honda Fit due to safety reasons. He also said that the fact that he currently uses a Honda Fit does not imply that he has fallen on hard times, saying he is engaging in a variety of philanthropic activities in the constituency.

Blackman added that it did not matter that he was using a Honda Fit since he is the one who bought the car for his PA. According to Matambanadzo, it was not wise for him to use top-of-the-range vehicles for security reasons.

“Who wants to know how I travel? This is Zimbabwe my friend and I cannot use flashy cars for security reasons. Does it now matter that I am using my PA’s vehicle, which I bought for her? You can write what you want, it doesn’t matter. It does not matter because right now I am in Harare for parliamentary business and I travelled all the way from Kwekwe with the same Honda Fit which you say belongs to MaNyathi (his PA)”, said Matambanadzo.

“You can go to my workshop if you want to know what is happening to my cars- they are all in the workshop”, said Matambanadzo.

The Kwekwe MP is no stranger to controversy. At one time, he hogged the limelight after pictures of him being carried by his bodyguard went viral on social networking platforms. He is also a rabid critic of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and was fired from Zanu PF owing to his alleged links to the vanquished G40 cabal in the ruling party.