Mbizo 11 clinic faces health scare


… as council-run medical facility operates without water


All is not well at Mbizo 11 clinic as the medical facility is currently operating without water- a situation which has reportedly complicated operations in the critical maternity and outpatients wards amid reports that patients have now resorted to sourcing water from households which are proxy to the council-run clinic for use.

During a full council meeting held last Monday, the local authority squarely laid the blame on an apparent lack of maintenance of water pipes as the scapegoat for the water problems currently bedevilling the community-based medical facility.

The prevailing water crisis, council said, has been tormenting patients for a long spell and the debt-ridden financially challenged council said the delayed procurement of material and water pipes is hindering the fixing of the crisis.

According to the local authority’s Acting Procurement Manager Willard Fazhe, the water crisis at Mbizo 11 will soon be solved and temporary mitigating measures to avert the impending crisis have been put in place. He said it could take up to a month to comprehensively solve the matter as council intends to procure materials for the refurbishment of the tampered water pipes.

Councillors, however, suggested that transitory measures to curb the current dilemma must be put in place.

“Since the council has given a timeframe of up-to a month to solve this problem we should put temporary measures like putting up a Jojo tank or to ensure the supply of water because water is a necessity especially in maternity ward,” said councillor Ranga.

 On the other hand, Councillor Joshua Tinago suggested that keeping essential spare parts to be used when typical problems arise must be prioritised by the local authority. 

“Spares of these important parts should always be in storage in the event of emergencies since we all know that procurement is taking time,” said Councillor Tinago during his contributions in the chambers.

When the midlandsnews crew visited the clinic Friday morning, a metallic water bourse had been erected at the medical facility.

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