Zanu PF youth robs $20 from Kwekwe woman


…youth who tried to grab ex-MP Mupereri’s parly car at it again


KWEKWE– A daring Zanu PF youth on Thursday reportedly assaulted, robbed and subsequently threatened with death, a female civilian as cases of violence in Kwekwe- President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s backyard- continue to soar, midlandsnews exclusively reports.

The youth, Tichaona Chacha from Mbizo, reportedly assaulted 38-year-old Tendai Memory Moyo who resides at 14 Kaguvi Road in Redcliff’s Rutendo neighbourhood. The case was reported under CR 106/19 at Kwekwe central police station Thursday evening.

According to Moyo’s statement gleaned by midlandsnews, Chacha reportedly robbed US$20 from the complainant who sustained injuries from the attack. Chacha is also accused of having barred Moyo- who wanted to pay a debt to a one Murada- from entering the Zanu PF Kwekwe District offices, claiming that the premises were ‘his’.

Moyo also claimed that she was latter rescued by Zanu PF Midlands Secretary for Education, Tapiwa Muto who intervened and saved her from further assault.

“On the 6th of June 2019, I proceeded to party office belonging to Zanu PF party with the intention of giving Murada money which I had borrowed”, said Moyo in the statement.

“Upon arriving, I was in possession of $20 and I only know the accused on this case. He picked up a stone and it hit me my (sic) left leg, stating that he doesn’t (want) to see me in (sic) his premise. I complied by walking away. He picked another stone and took my money by force”, she said.

Added Moyo:

“He started clapping (me) and I walked away. I went outside of the gate (sic) and he came and started slapping both cheeks. Mr Muto rescued me. He (Chacha) was also making threats of killing me. He had no right to act in that manner”.

This is, however, not the first time that Chacha has hogged the limelight for negative reasons. During the dramatic events of November 2017 when then VP Mnangagwa was infamously dismissed by his deposed predecessor Robert Mugabe, Chacha reportedly led a group of youths that attempted to grab former Mbizo MP Vongai Mupereri’s parliamentary vehicle, branding the ex-legislator as a member of a faction in the ruling party called Team Lacoste.

During the Mugabe epoch, Lacoste was barefacedly opposed to another faction, G40, which was reportedly fighting against the ascension of Mnangagwa to the Number One political post in the country.