Mr Afrika dreams big



KWEKWE– Up-and-coming hip-hop crooner, Mr Afrika (real name Jairos Nyakura), has said he has set his sights on penetrating the regional market and disregard the underdog tag literally stuck on artists who hail from areas out of Harare and Bulawayo.

Mr Afrika, who is also known as Smurfie in entertainment circles, told this publicationthat he has already set up sales agents based in regional countries such as South Africa and Botswana to market his forthcoming debut album titled Kanvas. With over 50 singles to his belt, the 25-year-old entertainer said he does not want ‘to take the usual route that other niggars take’, and penetrate regional markets despite coming from the small mining town of Kwekwe.

“You know, I’m getting into this game with a different mindset altogether. I know they do not rate us cos we ain’t from H-town or Skies but that matters less, man”, the soft-spoken entertainer quipped during an interview this week.

“I’m making use of my guys who are in the diaspora to market my stuff and I will also ensure that the album will be availed on itunes. In actual fact, I’m already working on that and a lot of networking is going on to make sure that I do something big- even much bigger than those prophets of doom from the so-called big cities”, he said.

Speaking glowingly of his producer-cum-artist, De Accolade (real name Jason Matukudure), Mr Afrika said Kwekwe is oozing with abundant album which has to be tapped for Zimbabwe to be at par with countries such as Nigeria and South Africa, where the arts sector is contributing revenue to the national fiscus.

“I believe the Arts ministry has a great role to play in tapping the raw talent which Kwekwe and other so-called small towns have. If you get the chance to grab a copy of, say, De Accolade or any other artist from this side of the country, you can testify that we need to be appreciated for the talent which we have, here. Something has to be done, seriously”, said Mr Afrika.

Recorded at Bangers Studio in Kwekwe and Matrix Studios in the largely-agrarian Shamva, Kanvas carries 16 tracks and songs to look out for in the forthcoming album include Ghetto Gospel, Roots, the title track Kanvas and Mama Ndanyora Song, a dedication to his mother Olina Mlingo, who is based in South Africa.