MDC Midlands Youth Chair abducted, tortured


…Zanu PF distances self from attack

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KWEKWE– Opposition MDC Alliance Youth Assembly chairperson for Midlands Province, Sekai Marashe, is battling for dear life at Kwekwe General Hospital after she was savagely assaulted by suspected Zanu PF youths on Tuesday afternoon, midlandsnews has gathered.
According to Tarisai Benedict Kupakuwana, the party’s provincial secretary general for the Youth Assembly, Marashe, who is also known as ‘MuChina’ in political circles, was abducted, brutalized and left for dead at a bushy area near Sally Mugabe Primary School in the Midlands mining town.
“What really happened was that she was waiting for a parcel coming from Gweru at Sally Mugabe bus stop. So, as she was waiting for that parcel to come from Gweru, some youths identified her because she was putting on an MDC t-shirt. So, they approached her and started insulting her”, Kupakuwana said.
“They then started asking her, ‘what are you putting on’, ‘what is this’, ‘who is (MDC leader Nelson) Chamisa’, but she didn’t say anything back to them. And, one of the youths started calling their team leader and some of the Zanu PF youths and within minutes, they approached her carrying machetes. They then went to the nearby tree in a bushy area and cut off some logs and started to beat her with sjamboks and machetes and she was really hurt”, he said.
Kupakuwana also said that after brutalizing Marashe, the youths left her for dead and stripped her naked. She was reportedly clothed by a well-wisher who picked her up and drove to Kwekwe central police station where a report was made.
However, Zanu PF Midlands provincial spokesperson Cornelius Mupereri dismissed the allegations as false, saying Marashe was attacked by touts at the Sherwood Rank near Sally Mugabe School following a misunderstanding.
Mupereri also rubbished social media claims insinuating that the MDC provincial youth leader was taken to the Zanu PF Kwekwe District headquarters where she was allegedly assaulted.
“For the record, she wasn’t beaten by Zanu PF youths. Neither did they bring her to the (Zanu PF) Party Office. She was beaten by touts at the Sherwood rank with whom she had a misunderstanding. I have ordered the touts to be arrested” Mupereri said.
Since their outlawed protests against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Government a couple of weeks ago, the MDC has raised alarm over alleged abductions on civic and opposition figures. On Monday, Amnesty International attacked Mnangagwa’s ‘systematic attacks’ on dissenting Zimbabweans since he replaced longtime ally and ousted despot Robert Mugabe in November 2017.