Govasburg, Mandeep head-on collision: Death toll rises to 11


KWEKWE: The death toll of the number of people who died in the Kwekwe-Gweru highway busses accident has now risen to 11, midlandsnews has learnt.

Initial reports suggested that nine people passed away.

“An update was received this morning that 11 people had sustained numerous fatal injuries”, a source told this publication.

It is understood that the incident happened when two busses (Mandeep Tours and Govasburg) collided head-on on Sunday morning.

Police believe the accident was caused by one of the busses encroaching into the lane of oncoming traffic.

Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said three passengers with critical injuries had been admitted to Gweru Provincial Hospital, and a fourth had been transported to Harare.

Several other who injured in the incident are receiving treatment at Kwekwe General Hospital.