Mimosa salary scam, 37 to face prosecution



ZVISHAVANE– Mimosa Mining Company management has revealed that investigations of a fraud scum that led the company to lose $709 000 are complete and the company has started the recovery process with 37 suspended employees signing acknowledgement of debts pending legal process.

Speaking in an interview on the sidelines of the company’s long service and superior performance awards last Friday, Mimosa mine managing director Mr Fungai Makoni said that the company lost $709 000 in total and 37 employees were implicated in the scum.

Makoni said the company is in the process of recovering the funds through a process were the 37 employees have signed affidavits of acknowledgement of debts while pending legal process.

“What we have done is to make them sign acknowledgement of debts. So if one is able to pay us back through other means without selling one’s property it upto him. What we did was to tell someone that you owe us this much do you agree. If he or she agrees then one signs. Now it is upto that person to find means of raising the amount,” he said.

So far two suspects Lazuras Madziva and chief fraud mastermind Prosper Vundurai who had since left the mine before the scum was detected  appeared before the Zvishavane Magistrates court.

He said that the system was weakened due to the type of people who operated it thereby making it difficult to easily identify.

“When people collude it is difficult for any system to quickly depict it. A system is only as good as people who work with it. From our reports these people colluded from inside and the one who manipulated forged a signatures.

“When someone forges it avoids detection hence we had challenges with our system to a great extent.  But the good thing is that once we identified it we were able to quantify the extent of the predudice and how it happened,” he said.

Makoni eluded that despite how successful the resturation process may be the law was still going to take its course.

“We have taken corrective measures to avoid such things happening in future. It a learning process and after the recovery process there are still legal connotations in regards to this issue,” he said.

Vundurai who is the chief fraudster has since fled the country and the court has issued a warrant of arrest.

Meanwhile, Makoni has rubbished reports that Mimosa is closingshop soon saying the mine has two more years of existence.”We might be the smallest in terms of reserves compared to Unki or Zimplats but we still have bout 20 more years of existence at full scale,” he said

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