Shutter Aktion Kool: New Kid on the Block



Whoever said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step could probably have had Kwekwe’s dancehall chanter, Shutter Aktion Kool, in mind.

Born Courage Zinoro some 26 years ago, Shutter Aktion Kool is on the verge of taking that single step by recording his debut 12-track album titled Aktion Nation. Speaking to midlandsnews, Shutter said he envisages taking local dancehall music to greater levels and leave an indelible mark in the bloated music industry.

“I have been busy in the studio working on my new project and Aktion Nation is the Christmas present that I have for my growing base of dancehall fans from the Midlands province”, the soft-spoken artist said in an interview with this publication.

“Of course, I’ve had singles that I released in the past but this will be my first album. I could have released it earlier but I chose not to rush in the pursuit of coming up with a polished product which will endear itself with music fans. As a musician from a genre which has many artists, I always thrive to be unique and better my artistic work each and everyday”, said Shutter.

Songs to look out for from the forthcoming album, which will be out by December, include a love song Come Closer, Marker B, Handichakulavha, Aktion Man and Nyora.