Pressured Kwekwe, Gweru councils in 2020 budget about-turn



In the wake of downright rejections from the residents associations in their jurisdictions, both Gweru and Kwekwe local authorities have made a sudden U-turn and subsequently forced to review their rejected 2020 proposed operational budgets.

Gweru City Council mayor, Josiah Makombe on Monday said the local authority had resolved to cut the 2020 $1,8 billion budget by 60%.
Makombe said the decision was made following a special council meeting which was convened last week to adjust the budget.
“Obviously given the economic challenges that residents are facing we have decided to cut the 2020 budget by 60%,”Makombe said at a press briefing.
“We considered the complaints raised by stakeholders particularly on
the proposed 2020 tariffs which they felt were exorbitant.”

AUTHORITIES in Kwekwe have resolved to cut down the city’s $471 million budget for 2020 after convincing themselves the country’s inflation was slowing down.

Kwekwe City Deputy Mayor Shadreck Tobaiwa said when the city proposed the budget figures, it had been anticipation continued acceleration of the country’s inflation, hence its decision to inflate its own budget estimates.

Tobaiwa however said the figures have not risen as high as anticipated to warrant the hike.

“We are currently working on cutting the budget downwards as we currently revised the figures downwards.

“When we were making budget projections, the decisions were being informed by the inflationary environment currently obtaining in the country.

“However, we had anticipated that by now the figures would have hit astronomical heights but that is not the case.

“We are therefore, revising figures downwards as we don’t want to burden the rate payers,” said Tobaiwa.