COVID-19: Freedoms tightened, as Police enforce lockdown



Authorities in the Midlands Province, on Monday, resorted to some of the most extreme enforcement measures aimed at preventing the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) guided by the Statutory Instrument (SI 183 of 2020), midlandsnews reports.

No COVID-19 case has been announced in the province.

During day three of the lockdown, on Wednesday, more people were forced to turn back at police roadblocks.

On Monday, a provincial/district meeting held in Kwekwe resoved that people should exercise maximum confinement, adding that only one member of the family may be assigned to go out and buy foodstuffs preferably at the next shopping centre.

“People should confine themselves to their homes.only one member of a family may be assigned to go and buy food stuffs for the family Prefferable at the nearest shopping centre, Food Shops allowed to operate can only operate for four hours per day,” reads part of the resolutions

Countrywide, there are eight confirmed cases and one death.