Jah Prayzah to finally release album



Contemporary music crooner Mukudzei Mukombe aka Jah Prayzah is set to unveil new album touted to be titled ‘Hokoyo’ in a few days time.’

The much anticipated album will be his 10th offing.

Jah Prayzah had once hinted earlier this year that he was going to release his album on 03 April.

But the crooner had to freeze the release leaving fans restive.

Writing on his Twitter timeline this morning Jah Prayzah confirmed that the album will be dropped in few days time.

Responding to a Patson Dzamara tweet that sought album release status Jah Prayzah wrote “Indeed you did mukoma. Thank you for the words of encouragement, tinoramba tichivavarira kukura. Album drops in a few days”

The wait is over” he added.

Keen Mushapaidze had earlier on told their followers that album launch was on April 3 through online livestreaming, this didn’t materialize however.

“We are planning something that has not been seen in the country before. What we had planned for the public launch is what we will do on the livestream launch and probably go a step further,” he said.

Mukombe told his fans he had to starve them a little to allow himself sufficient time to polish up the project.

“Ndirikuita album number 10, so ndakafunga kuti since ririnumber 10, rega ndinyatsotora time yangu kunyatso maker shuwa kuti patinoburitsa, tinoburitsa”( I am producing my 10th album. So I thought that since it is the 10th one, I should take my time to make sure that when I release it I release a well-polished product and it gets to the people, they will give it the value it deserves based on the work we would have put it in) he said.

Mukombe has enjoyed a meteoric rise in his music career since 2007 when he got to the stage he has 9 albums under his belt and various collaborations with regional and international artists.

His works includes  a yet to be released Hokoyo (2020)Chitubu (2 November 2018)

Kutonga Kwaro (2017)  Mdhara Vachauya (2016)Jerusarema (2015) Kumbumura Mhute (2014)Tsviriyo (2013)Ngwarira Kuparara (2012)Sungano Yerudo (2010)Rudo Nerunyararo (2007).

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