BREAKING: Covid-19 positive pregnant woman delivers in Gweru



A pregnant woman, who is among Zimbabwean returnees quarantined in Midlands and has tested positive to Coronavirus (Covid-19), on Thursday, gave birth at Gweru Provincial Hospital, Zimbabwe Senior Hospital Doctors Association (ZSHDA) has announced.

In a statement, the doctors said:

“Zimbabwe has successfully delivered its first case of a pregnant mother who had tested positive for COVID 19 today. The baby was delivered through a caesarean section for an obstetric indication at Gweru Provincial Hosp.”

“We applaud the Gweru team and the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC) and its partners”, said the ZSHDA

In a letter directed to the Midlands State University (MSU)Executive Dean, Faculty Of Medicine in the faculty of medicine, Dr Reginald Hove said the operation was conducted under strict infection prevention measures.

“The patient is one of the four COVID-19 citizens in the Midlands Province who was in quarantine after returning to Zimbabwe. The obstetrician who carried out the the successful operation was Dr Johaness Mukwembi of the MSU Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,” said Dr Hove.

Meanwhile, a team of anaesthetists were also present and these include Dr Tafadzwa Mutukwa and Dr Prince Tineyi Murambi of the MSU Department of Anaesthesia.

Both mother and baby are well and will spend the next three days in an isolation room adjacent to the operating room. We sincerely thank the team for their benevolent spirit and work ethic to assist a fellow Zimbabwean, in the spirit of the stigma, fear and danger associated with COVOID-19.”