Mberengwa duo star in a film project



Zimbabwean film group based in South Africa has premiered its debut project “Mask Off” season 1 on YouTube on.

The film was premiered Tuesday, June 13, 2020.

It is packaged (Mask Off) in season format where its season has so far realeaed 8 episodes.

Ex Mavorovondo primary schoolboys Adonia Dube and Tadengoma Marirangombe are part of the 10 film stars.

Mask Off movie series is about gangsters who deal in precious minerals mainly diamond and gold and their love life.

According to the film crew spokesperson Adonia Dube Mask Off is their debut production which they hope will propel the country’s small film sector to global audiences.

“We are a group film enthusiasts, a bulk of us are self trained and some are professionally trained”,

“This is our first project, we are looking forward to hit the ground running”,

“We are telling a Zimbabwean story and showcasing the Zimbabwean talent to the world” he said.

Dube said they have premiered at the most befitting time when trailblazing productions Cook Off and Mudiwa Wepamoyo are trending.

He said that such a baptism of fire will push them to produce quality projects that can stand the competition.

“We could not have premiered at any other opportune time than this, we want our project to stand toe to toe with the production that are making waves currently”

“We think exposure to competition will help us grow in the industry, it will push our creativity” said Dube.

Tadengoma Marirangombe and Kudzai Musundire of Toisen Studios produced of the film project.

Tadengoma appears in the series as Chico.

Dube said the film sought to project a different image of the Zimbabwean story, its daily life, struggles and its people.

The low budget film was shot in 2020 in South Africa.

The film creators are now in talks with the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation in order to air Mask Off episodes on ZBC TV.