WATCH: Dendairy denies it sells poison in the name of milk



Kwekwe headquartered milk producer Dendairy has denied ever selling contaminated milk to its customers following complaints by a Harare man who has gone on social media claiming the company is producing and selling poisonous milk to consumers, midlands news can report.

The company’s attorney and emerging top lawyer Valentine Mutatu of Mutatu and Partners told midlands news yesterday that his client Dendairy was unmoved by the recent videos on social media in which a Harare man Alek Phiri claimed that he was poisoned by the milk from Zimbabwe’ leading milk producer.

Phiri who is believed to be from Borrowdale West, in Harare is demanding a USD 500 000 compensation.

“We suspect that the customer you were talking about wants to extort money from our client. His demands suggest otherwise and we are considering a legal challenge to stop the man from continuing with his antics. For the record, Dendairy’ products do go through a sophisticated quality check before being dispatched for sale and the customer’ claims are baseless and unfounded”, said Mutatu.

However in the videos that are being shared widely on social media, the customer Phiri said Dendairy acknowledged that the milk was off.

In the videos Phiri claimed he was turned away by the company after he approached them for compensation and this left him with no choice but to resort to other means.

Phiri later on shared various videos on social media platforms using the milk to clean his toilet and bicycle claiming Dendairy produced milk was not fit  for human consumption.

Phiri said Dendairy was unapologetic after he was threatened with litigation after his first video.

Meanwhile Dendairy has released a media statement insisting all was well.

The full statement reads, “Dendairy is aware of videos in circulation made by an unhappy customer whose complainants we had attended to and resolved as public health and safety is our priority. We offered to have the customer examined of any medical effects, the offer was not taken up.

Dendairy will not pay the customer who has indicated that he will continue to post videos attacking Dendairy. Dendairy takes all customer feedback seriously and will continue to offer affordable, good quality products. We take pride in our manufacturing systems that have been confirmed by globally recognised authorities and local regulatory bodies”, said the statement.

Efforts to get a comment from Phiri proved fruitless by the time of publishing.

You can watch the videos of the disgruntled Alek Phiri below: