Gweru water crisis persists

Staff Reporter 
The Midlands province capital Gweru is on the brink of falling into acute water shortages following a sharp decline of water level in its supply dams.
City of Gweru draws water from Gwenhoro and Amapongokwe dams.
According to the City of Gweru water levels at the main supply dams had greatly decline facing a possibility of decommissioning.
Gwenhoro dam water levels is reported to have fallen to 17% while Amapongokwe is holding up to 38% of its capacity.
“Water levels at our main water sources which is Gwenoro dam and Amapongokwe dam have greatly declined”,
“Currently raw water at Gwenoro is at plus or minus 17% and plus or minus 38% at Amapongokwe” they said.
City authorities added that water rationing is set to continue:“Hence, water rationing will continue as per schedule”
Currently the  council is supplying most suburbs with running water for a maximum of two days a week because the city’s main supply dam was running dry.
Gweru residents gravely concerned about the city’s water situation which they said if supplies run dry it would lead to an outbreak of diseases such as cholera and typhoid.
In 2018 eight people died of typhoid in Gweru, with 1 506 cases of the waterborne disease being recorded.