Gokwe man killed after brawl at traditional beer drinking ceremony



A Gokwe man has been arrested on allegations of fatally striking a drinking buddy at a beer party in Gokwe,Magombedze village.

According to Zimbabwe Republic Police a misunderstanding ensued between two villagers over beer, prompting the suspect to rage.

In a fit of rage the suspect then went on to grab a log which he used to strike the victim on the head and again all over his body.

Allegations are that the overpowered victim succumbed as a result of the vicious assault.

“A man has been arrested for murder after he struck a fellow villager with a log once on the head in a misunderstanding over home brewed beer at Magombedze Village, Gokwe”

“As a result of the  the condition of the victim deteriorated until he died” said the police.