It’s now dog eat dog in Kwekwe as Zanu PF DCC elections nears



Two powerful camps are reportedly to have emerged in Kwekwe District as ZanuPF politi-buro has okayed the election of DCCs executive members whose polling dates are set for September 26 to 29, midlands news can report.

Kwekwe District is comprised of Mbizo, Kwekwe Central, Silobela, Redcliff, Zhombe, Peri urban and part of Chirumhanzi Zibagwe Constituency.

Former Mbizo Constituency MP, Vongaishe Mpereri is said to be squaring up with Moses Thandika for the chairmanship post.

Thandika is a long serving member of Zanu PF and hails from Zhombe while Mpereri comes from Mbizo.

While it is not yet clear who could be leading the camps, jostling for the top post has created unconfirmed divisions within the Kwekwe District, insiders who spoke on condition of anonymity told midlandsnews.

Unofficial reports say that former Kwekwe City councilor, Assam Musa is vying for the second most powerful post that of Secretary for Administration while Zhombe youth strong man Alois Chekesa wants to be elected as the Commissar.

On the other hand Bishop, Kandros Mugabe who is also fighting against Energy ‘Dhala’ Ncube for the sole ticket to represent Zanu PF as its parliamentary candidate for the by-election to be held before December 5, is reportedly interested to take the Secretary for Finance post.

It is also reported that Kwekwe’ party stalwart, Aliness Muganhu is fighting for the women’ league top post while Denis Chikwanda has declared interest to takeover youths chairmanship. Chikwanda is likely to contest against David Murivha popularly known as Boss Diva.

Insiders alleged that campaigning and decampaigning of others is now the order of the day as local bigwigs fight for control of the district.

While candidates refused to take questions from midlandsnews for fear of being disqualified, it is alleged that the elections are marred with vote buying before they have commenced, a charge the candidates have all denied.

”I’m not eyeing the post you were talking about. I have not submitted my CV since the submission of CVs is not yet open. It is difficult to bribe for the election victory, because no one knows whether they will be part of the final list of candidates after vetting”, said one candidate in a typical answering fashion by most prospective candidates.

Kwekwe district is one of the boiling districts where the party heavy weights, July Moyo, Owen Ncube and President, Emmerson Mnangwaga hail from.

An inter district meeting to receive CVs from interested candidates in Kwekwe District is likely to be announced after Saturday’s PCC meeting.

Zanu PF Midlands Province chairman, Eng Daniel McKenzie Ncube confirmed that the province has been directed by the National Commissar, Victor Matemedanda to organise a PCC meeting on or before September 20 for the purposes of receiving CVs of prospective candidates for the DCC elections.

”We are going to meet as PCC on or before September 20. The meeting among other things, will evaluate and comment on the received CVs for onward transmission to the National Commissariat department.

”On completion of the evaluation exercise, all CVs will be collected by designated members of the Politburo for transmission to the department of Commissariat at the party Headquarters in Harare”, Ncube said.