DCCs elections: ED urges Zanu PF officials to follow party’ protocol and constitution



Zanu PF First Secretary who is also President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has called on the party officials to follow the dictates of the party’s protocol and constitution during the coming elections of DCCs executive members whose polling dates are set for September 26 to 29, midlands news can report.

Mnangagwa who was addressing the Midlands Provincial Coordinating Committee at the party’s provincial conference in Gweru Saturday, said it was important for both those tasked to lead the coming DCCs elections and prospective candidates to observe the party constitution and protocol as this will lead to the election into office of bonafide, correct and responsible candidates whose mandate among other things is to drive the ruling party’s programmes at district levels.

”On DCCs elections, it is important to follow the revolutionary party protocol. I urge you all to follow our constitution and anything outside the party constitution will not be tolerated.

”The issue of protocol and constitution must be respected and observed at all times. This applies to both those tasked to lead the elections and prospective candidates”, thundered Mnangwaga adding that it is the party’ expectations that the coming elections will be conducted in a revolutionary manner.

Mnangagwa said campaign for the office must be done within the set guidelines and rules of the elections as already announced by the Commissariat department headed by Victor Matemedanda and those found wanting will be disqualified.

Meanwhile several interdistrict meetings have been lined up across the province and in Kwekwe senior party officials are expected to address an inter district meeting today Sunday at the ZanuPF district headquarters.

Among other things, the meetings will address the coming DCCs elections rules, guidelines and eligibility.

In Kwekwe District those reportedly interested to occupy the office of the chairman are Vongaishe Mpereri, Moses Thandika and former DCC rural chairman George Valentine Makombe.

Former Kwekwe city councilor, Assam Musa is vying for the second most powerful post that of Secretary for Administration while Zhombe youths strong man Aluis Chekesa is reportedly fighting for the Commissar’ post.

Kandros Mugabe who is also battling to shrug off Energy ‘Dalla’ Ncube challenge for the sole ticket to represent ZanuPF in the forthcoming Kwekwe Central Constituency by-election, is said to be eying the Secretary for Finance post.

Front runners for the youths chairmanship post are Denis ‘The loyal son’ Chikwanda and David ‘Boss Diva’ Murivha.

Long serving party member, Enerst ‘father’ Chipinda is also said to be running for Secretary for Security post.

Another long serving member and party stalwart, Aliness Muganhu is reportedly interested to lead the women’ league.