Urban councils officials most corrupt individuals in Zimbabwe says Mnangwaga



President Emmerson Mnangagwa has bemoaned the level of corruption within the local authorities as he singled out urban council officials including councillors as the most corrupt individuals in the country, midlands news can report.

Mnangagwa said corruption has reached alarming and shocking levels within urban councils. He was addressing the ZanuPF Midlands Provincial Coordinating Committee at the party’s provincial conference centre in Gweru Saturday.

”Urban councils are marred with corruption. We will leave no stone unturned to bring about discipline, accountability and transparency in Government institutions. No one is above the law, the law will take its course”, charged Mnangwaga.

Without naming any particular local authorities, Mnangwaga said his government is now in a no nonsense mood and those found to be on the wrong side if the law will be prosecuted.

Since he took office in 2018, Mnangagwa said several local authorities officials in the country have been arrested on allegations of corruption, abuse of office, fraud among many other charges.

Only last week, Harare Town Clerk, Hosia Chisango was arrested in Gweru during a Town Clerk’ forum on allegations of abuse of office.

Chisango is facing allegations of parcelling out residential stands to his girlfriend and relatives without following proper council procedure.

Chisango’ arrest follows that of several senior Harare council officials and former mayor Hebert Gomba who have since appeared before the courts on different charges of corruption, fraud and abuse of office.

The Harare stands and land saga has also seen several top ZRP officers and some Court officials being hauled before the courts on similar charges.

MDC Alliance heavy weights including its President, Nelson Chamisa have been fingured in the Harare stands and land scam and are likely to be arrested.

In Gweru, the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption is investigating a case of serious abuse of office, fraud and corruption by council officials including councilors.

Some council officials are reportedly to have allocated themselves stands at zero cost and this could have prejudiced council of thousands of United States of American Dollars in potential revenue.

Gweru town clerk, Elizabeth Gwatipedza was recently sent packing from town house and is likely to be arrested on allegations of abuse of office, fraud and corruption.

Council officials in Chiredzi, Bulawayo, Mutare among many other local authorities in the country face similar charges.

Some ZanuPF officials in several provinces are also reportedly to be working in cahoots with council officials fleecing local authorities of potential revenue through parcelling out of stands and land at zero cost to some undeserving individuals.