Kwekwe gold buyer collapses, dies at girlfriend’ house



An unnamed man who is reportedly a well-known gold buyer in Kwekwe, is suspected to have died over the weekend at his girlfriend’ house soon after an intimate exercise, midlands news can reveal.

While Police said it is yet to receive a report to that effect, social media is awash with reports that the man collapsed soon after bedding the also unnamed woman who is now reportedly on the run.

According to social media reports, the man is believed to have died whilst in possession of close to 2kgs of treated gold.

It is being alleged that the gold is missing and the woman is suspected to have helped herself with the loot before she disappeared from the scene of the incident.

”We are informed the man died while taking a bath. According to neigbhours, the man collapsed in bathroom and his girlfriend had to drag him through the passage and later on informed the police that the man died whilst in the dining room.

”We heard that the man was a gold buyer and could have died in possession of close to 2kgs of gold. Unfortunately the gold is missing and the girlfriend can not be located”, said informants on social media platforms.

Below is the message circulating on social media.

”Vakadonha mubathroom vachigeza
girlfriend ikavadhonza nemu passage, kwakunofira kudining.

”Girlfriend ikaita panick akamhanya ku police. From there she disappeared up to now.

Since he was a gold buyer, probably he had a lot of money or 2kgs of gold.

She is being hunted now. Something happened”