Kwekwe Preacher accused of leaking sex tape to fight off rival



A 21-year-old man from Mbizo, Kwekwe is contemplating on ending his life after a love rival Prophet Munyaradzi Kagondo leaked a sextape that featured his ‘pregnant’ fiancee, midlands news has learnt.

The man Movement Mafuta said the self proclaimed Prophet Kagondo sent him nudes and a sextape that had his pregnant fiancee one Ropafadzo of Mbizo 8.

Social media has been awash with nude pictures and a 5 seconds video clip of Ropa and an unidentified man having quality time in bed.

According to the embattled Mafuta the man of cloth went on to threaten him with unspecified action if he continues to mess around with ‘Ropa’.

“I was sent nude pictures of my fiancee by an unknown number on WhatsApp sometime in the recent past”,

”When I inquired about it the sender then sent me a voice note threatening me. The sender said that if l continue seeing Ropa l will get the bitter end of the fight. The sender claimed that he had strong connection in the echelons of ZANU PF”,

” He further said he would inflict whatever damage to me and get away with it”, said Mafuta.

Mafuta said he wants out of the relationship, according to him this is the third time he has been double crossed by his love of life Ropafadzo.

“This is the third time l am coming across such shameful things. I endured in the past thinking that she will reform.

At one occasion l even had to assault her after she visited me drunk and showing visible signs that she had engaged in sexual intercourse”

“She apologized and we made up after she had promised to end the shenanigans” he added.

Mafuta said anger pushed him into circulating the nudes and sextape.

He added that his will to live is power sucked,he is thinking of ending his life.

“I am heartbroken,l feel like a useless rag. I am sweating wherever I am, it’s eating me hard. I just want to die. The shame, the investment l wasted”,

“I am getting counseling from my friends and family,but it seems l am losing it”he mourned.

Mafuta says he wants to also share their erotic media to shame his fiancee once and for all.

“I think I will also have to share our nudes and sextapes which we did. She has to feel the bitterness of her son’s” said the embattled Mafuta.

Efforts to get hold of Prophet Kagondo who is accused of sending the erotic media to his rival were fruitless when we went to the press

Individuals who send or share nude pictures and sex tapes risk going to jail for up to five years if the recently gazetted Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill becomes law.

Research has shown that some of the leaked sexual explicit material is in fact revenge porn by victims’ disgruntled partners.

In a bid to protect citizens, the new Bill seeks to jail individuals that leak or publish nude pictures on social media/online.

An individual who leaks or publishes intimate images without consent risks being jailed up to five years if the bill that was gazetted becomes law.

“Any person who unlawfully and intentionally by means of a computer or information system makes available,
broadcasts or distributes a data message containing any intimate image of an identifiable person without the consent of the person concerned causing the humiliation or embarrassment of such
person shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding level 10, or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years or to both such fine and such imprisonment,” read the bill.

In Clause 164E which deals with the transmission of data with intimate images without consent, the bill states that “intimate image” means a visual depiction of a person made by any means in which the person is nude, the genitalia or naked female breasts are exposed or sexual acts are displayed.

Activists have said the leaking of sex tapes and nudes is a form of Gender Based Violence and have been calling on Government to come up with stiffer penalties to deter would be offenders.