Alleged seven Zanu-PF supporters arrested in Kwekwe denied bail, lawyers to approach High Court


Owen Matava in Kwekwe

Seven of the alleged several wanted Zanu-PF supporters by police who appeared in court Tuesday, have been denied bail by Provincial magistrate, Florence Nago after the court dismissed their applications on the grounds that once freed may team up with the as yet to be arrested supporters and cause further mayhem, midlands news has established.

The seven, Maisva Zvidzai, Mawire Burden, Mutema Tafadzwa, Matondorwa Amon, Gideon Elliot, Mutandwa Itai and Brian Hokoyo who appeared before Kwekwe magistrate, Nago while Ethel Bhumure represented the state, were remanded in custody to October 21 pending bail applications.

Lawyers representing the alleged ZanuPF supporters, Mutatu and Partners have indicated will Thursday approach the High Court seeking to overturn the lower court’ decision.

The arrested seven were linked to theft, damage of property and assault of three party officials Robert Nyathi, Rtd Col Dr Kahuni, kwekwe based official one Chiramba and some police officers during a demonstration at the party’ district HQ in Kwekwe on Sunday.

During court proceedings, the seven accused denied the charges and further indicated that they were not members of Zanu-PF and had no knowledge of the incident.

The accused legal representatives also told the court that all the seven were not arrested on the scene of the crime and all of them were arrested on the grounds of suspicion about two hours after the incident had already occurred.

Nyathi who is the party’ Midlands provincial vice-chairman and Rtd Col Kahuni, were presiding officers for the primary by-election for Kwekwe Central Constituency.

The seven who were reportedly part of the more than a thousand demonstrators at the party district offices in Kwekwe, were demanding for the use of the party’ current cell registers instead of the ZEC’ 2018 voters roll during the parliamentary primary by-election for Kwekwe Central Constituency.

Zanu-PF supporters accused the three assaulted officials for allegedly receiving bribes to rig the election in favour of one named candidate.

During the demonstration, supporters present further accused the trio including National Commissar, Victor Matemedanda for allegedly tempering with the voters roll as several party supporters who voted in 2018 had their names reportedly not appearing on the voters roll leading to the demonstration.

Police were later called in to disperse the angry demonstrators and unfortunately the police came in a no nonsense mood throwing tear-gas and fired at supporters resulting in clashes that left several party supporters and some police officers injured, this according to party insiders.

The angry supporters were reportedly to have overpowered the police team who eventually fled from the scene only to return in the company of some army officers and went on a rampage beating up party supporters who had returned back at the party offices to collect their valuables including vehicles.

Kwekwe Central Constituency was left vacant following the death of NPF party MP Masango ‘Blackman’ Matambanadzo who died in July this year of suspected food poisoning.

26-year-old Energy ‘Dhala’ Ncube was billed to fight against the party’ 2018 losing candidate, Kandros Mugabe before the election was called of due to some misunderstanding over the use of the 2018 voters roll and cell registers instead of the current registers.