Gweru’ Uptown night club closes



Popular Uptown Nite Club has closed its doors to pave way for the construction of a shopping mall, the entertainment joint owner Timothy Mkahlera confirmed.

Mkahlera who is a businessman and retired politician said following the establishment of a private hospital opposite the club, he felt it was no longer proper to continue running the night spot.

“We want to open a shopping mall after closing Uptown,” Mkahlera said.

“Recently a private hospital, Bethel Clinic was opened opposite the night club. There are also churches and a training college nearby hence it did not augur well to continue running the club.”

He said the residential rooms on the second floor of the club would be turned into business offices.

Mkahlera said building of the mall is expected to commence at the end
of January next year.

Uptown was one of the few night clubs in the city which was offering exclusive night clubbing and was popular with young revelers.

Party goers in the city expressed disappointment on the closure of the club saying the discussion by the club owners to turn it into mall will greatly affect the city’s night life.

“Gweru already has few night spots and the closure of Uptown will affect the entertainment industry.

Why don’t he (Mkahlera) just sale it than to close the popular night club,” said Godfrey Mashonda.

Renowned Gweru radio presenter, Farai Kanengoni who was leasing Uptown from Mkahlera however said he had stopped operations at the night club since the latter was charging “exorbitantly.”

“The owner wanted $4 500 per month and it was too much for us especially during this Covid19 period, “said Kanengoni.

“After we raised concerns on the rentals and our desire to stop operations he later advised us he was going to set up shops at the club.

We are soon going to open another Uptown Night Club in the city, most likely before the festive season”

The closure of Uptown will be a big blow to night revelers who used to pack the club particularly during weekends.

The Sun