Zanu-PF final list of DCC election candidates out



Zanu-PF National Political Commissar, Victor Matemedanda, Wednesday announced that the party’ Politiburo this week deliberated on the list of all prospective DCC election candidates indicating that some cadres made it to the final list whilst a number were deemed unfit to contest for office owing to various reasons, midlands news can report.

Matemedanda told the media soon after the Zanu-PF Politiburo meeting in Harare on Wednesday that the meeting recommended that the final list be dispatched to provinces this week to enable for the release of names for both the succesful applicants and for those who were disqualified to contest in the forth-coming election.

“The final list for both the succesful applicants and those who failed to meet the illegibility criteria is now available.

The party has directed our provinces to take the final list to our lower party structures.

“Our provinces have also been tasked to avail reasons for one’ disqualification and unsatsfied candidates may lodge in their appeal”, said Matemedanda.

During the Politi-buro meeting, Zanu-PF’ First Secretary and the country’ President, Emmerson Mnangagwa castigate some prospetive DCC members for engaging in acts of corruption, vote buying and imposition of their candidature during the ongoing campaign.

He descibed such party cadres as unsuitable to occupy the DCC office and called on for action against such candidates.

Like many other Zanu-PF Districts, Kwekwe District is faced with allegations of imposition of candidates with several named prospective candidates allegedly to be on a vote buying spree. Bullying of other candidates is also reportedly high during the canvassing for support.

Battle for the top six posts within the coming Kwekwe DCC has intensfied with prospective candidates reportedly to be on an offensive charm to win the hearts of many members of the electoral college made up of only districts executive members. Former Mbizo MP, Vongaishe Mpereri and Moses Thandika who was a member of the province are fighting it out for chairmanship. Silobela based Zibagwe RDC councilor one Chifana and Kwekwe miner, John Mapurazi are tussling for the Vice Chairman’ post.

Assam Mussa a former councilor with City of Kwekwe and Redcliff based former party youth activist, Honest Diura have shown interest for the post of Secretary for Administration.

It is a political gamesmanship on the Secretary for Finance post with reports suggesting that indeed gloves are off.

Kandros Mugabe and Tapuwa Muto both want to handle the district purse.

George Valentine Makombe a former Kwekwe DCC rural leader is expected to contest against Rodger Ross for the Secretary for Security post. At the time of publishing, it could not be established as to who will be contesting against Zhombe based Alius Chekesa for the Commissar’ post.

Dennis Chikwanda and David Murivha are vying for the Secretary for Youth Affairs. Party stalwart, Alien Muganhu wants to lead the the district women’ league.