Former Kwekwe Clr Chiwariro sued by 4th wife over domestic violence allegations



A polygamist former ZANU PF councilor for Ward 2, Mbizo Constituency, Kwekwe Samuel Chiwariro has been sued by one of his wives Rejoice Magarakata for domestic violence.

The alderman appeared before magistrate Mildred Matuvi at Kwekwe civil court this Tuesday afternoon to respond to accusations of abuse that were being labelled against him by one of his wives.

Magarakata told the court that Chiwariro is in a habit of threatening her and harassing her whenever he sees her in the company of a male figure.

“He married me customarily as his fourth wife some years back but for quite some time now we have not been staying together but he is in habit of harassing me and threatening me whenever he sees me in the company of a man.

“We have not been staying together for two years now so my parents called him to find out from him if he is still interested in me.
“He then started threatening me at my place of residents that if he sees a man at my place he will kill me so I want him to be barred from coming to my house because he cannot control my life since we are no longer together,” she said.

In response to the accusations, Chiwariro partially denied the accusations indicating that he is the victim in the matter as the applicant started mistreating him after he lost his job at Plaza Bakery.

“This woman is my wife I married her and paid her lobola in 2010 and we were living peacefully until I lost my job at Plaza in 2018 that is when all this started.

“I used to cater for all her needs before I lost my job and I bought her a residential stand in Mbizo 22 where she is residing right now.

“She assaulted me on several occasions and my case is well known at Garandichauya Police station.

“I only told her that I do not want to see a man at that house where she stays because we built that house together that is all,” he said.

Chiwariro insisted on opposing the application highlighting that he is well known man of peace.

“Everybody whether in ZANU PF or MDC knows that I am a man of peace and even her father said I am his best son inlaw but she is the one who does not appreciate,” he added.

After taking into considering the submissions of both parties, magistrate Matuvi that there is an element of abuse perpetrated against the applicant considering the fact that he admitted that he threatened the applicant that he does not want to see her with a man at her house.

Therefore, the court granted the application of protection order in favour of the applicant and ordered Chiwariro not to set his foot at the applicant’s place, not to threaten her and not to harass her or abuse her in anyway.