Kwekwe Ward 12 Councillor beaten by police enforcing Covid-19 lockdown



KWEKWE – MDC Alliance leader and Kwekwe Ward-12 Councillor, Washington Moyo, was reportedly beaten by members of the security forces who were enforcing the Covid-19 measures in the mining town on Sunday morning saying they ‘were following orders.’

Clr Moyo has shared his grievances on social media, recalling a horrific encounter that he had with an ‘overzealous’ policewoman.

In a statement on Wednesday, Clr Moyo said:

“The assault  by Kwekwe Central Police  on 01/02/2021 to me by 11:00 am, whilst  trying  to assist people of section 10 on sewage crisis , was not  only foolish but shows  a lot of unproffesional,  dullness and stupidity.

How come, these overzealous Officer,  after  showing  my proof that I am a Councillor of Ward 12, City Father, running  around  trying  to solve an emergency  issue which occurred late Sunday , as an essential service provider in terms of SI 10 of 2021 public health (Covid  prevention, contaminant and treatment) regulations 2021, managed to beat me, saying  they are doing it as per order?

These police must always  remember  that they are also residents who are in need of clean water and sewage  free environment. So this brutal  attacks  means they have certain  agendas  which  I think  they have to unveil  to the public. After  all, they are being  paid by taxes  from the mass.

Direction  is more important  than speed. Off course Musoja  waaifamba naye akamutsiura and apologized  as well  as Officer In Charge, Kwekwe  Central  Apologized  for the incident  but to me it remains  unfair coz the Officer  was supposed  to be summoned  and apologize herself.”

Security forces have been accused of abusing the powers given to them during lockdown to ‘assault’ and ‘harass’ members of the public.

Efforts to get a comment from Midlands Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko were fruitless by the time of publishing.