My Everyday Valentine “Oratio meum Valentine”


McDennias H. Moyo

“Manus in manu ambulant”
Walking hand in hand,
With our hearts intertwined
And our souls completely affined.
In that moment we are defined!

“Nunc scio quid sit amor est,”
Now I know what love is.
It is not a perfect union of hearts;
But an imperfect harmony of all parts,
And it’s about becoming each other’s ramparts.

“In caricate et nos dimittus”
In love we forgive
And every conflict is an opportunity;
To grow and to assert our unity,
And to charm our way back to amiability.

“Caritus omnia vincit”
Our love conquers all things,
And it has withstood the test of time;
It has forgiven every ill and every crime.
Im absolutely proud to call you mine.

“Melle abundat caritas”
Our love overflows with honey
And your sensual kisses are delicious;
Lips so nutritious and never malicious.
How serene! Your love is never vicious.

“Im ‘figit animum, amare”
I’m madly in love with you,
I love all your strengths and weaknesses;
Our love has overcome all biases
And I will forever claim you in front of witnesses.

“Tu mihi semper et in seacular saeculorum”
You are my always and forever!
In perpetuity, you will always be mine;
To love and to hold till the end of time
And you will forever be “My Everyday Valentine!”

McDennias H. Moyo is a Kwekwe based Poet – ©McDeeThePoet