WATCH | Passion Java causes a stir at Rippaz in Kwekwe, buys beverages for hundreds of admirers



When it comes to causing a stir controversial self-proclaimed Prophet cum businessman, Passion Java better known in the ghetto as “Twabamu” knows a thing or two, midlandsnews can report.

The American based Java, Saturday created a stir in Gweru too along the Harare-Bulawayo highway.

In Kwekwe, he made a brief stoppage at Rippaz a leading food and beverages outlet where he pulled up with latest top of the range SUVs chief among them a Range Rover autobiography and LandCruiser all valued at over USD 500million. Java was dressed in a black top sweater and black slim fit pants.

In Kwekwe and Gweru, Java bought some beverages, food items and dished out some USD notes to hundreds who had rushed to see him.

The controversial cleric is known for his appetite for expensive wear, designer trends which have everyone looking at him wherever he goes. He also owns several vehicles such as Rolls and Royce, Bentley among other top of the range vehicles.

midlandsnews is well informed that Java who was recently appointed Vice President of the once vibrant empowerment lobby group, AAG, was in the company of the group’s newly installed President, Mike Chimombe. The two were on on their way to Bulawayo to attend the launch of ZanuPF’ new empowerment and indigenization thrust policy.

Meanwhile several health experts have slummed the cleric accusing him of violating the Covid 19 regulations which prohibits a gathering of more than 50 people at any given time.

Efforts to get a comment from Java went fruitless as his mobile phone went unaswered.

Watch the videos below:-