Arrest of Kwekwe Clr Moyo over unlawful gathering calls for review of related laws says opposition legislator


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The latest arrest of Kwekwe’ ward 12 Councilor, Washington Moyo over allegations he unlawfully addressed members of his ward without a police clearance has been received with a lot of disapproval with opposition legislators calling on the security authorities to allow community development meetings to proceed unhindered for the benefit of residents, midlandsnews can report.

Mbizo Constituency, MP Settlement Chikwinya told a local radio station 98.4fm on Monday that community developmental meetings convened by elected representatives should not be subject to police clearance. He says only political gatherings should be sanctioned by law enforcement.

His remarks follow an incident in which a ward meeting in Kwekwe on Saturday was dispersed by the police for not being authorised.

Ward 12 Cllr Washington Maxwell Moyo was picked up by police while addressing residents at the meeting and taken to Mbizo Police Station where he was later released without charge.