BREAKING: Muda for ZanuPF Politiburo, likely to take over as national secretary for youth


OWEN MATAVA in Kwekwe.

Highly placed sources with intimate knowledge of developments in the top echelons of Zanu-PF confided over the weekend, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is likely to give his trusted lieutenant and former State Security Minister another chance to officially rub shoulders with him amid reports the presidium is fretting on who to appoint as the National Secretary for Youth Affairs ahead of the make or break 2023 elections, midlandsnews can exclusively reveal.

National Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs, John Paradza is currently performing the duties.

Muda the man who rose to fame from the gheto slums of the high density area of Mbizo Section 2 in North-East of Kwekwe town to a senior Minister in charge of State Security under Mnangagwa’ administration, is reportedly on the verge of an appointment as the new youth boss. The appointments are likely to be made around October this year soon after the election of the Central Committee members, this according to the source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“The President wants someone who can command the youth well, one able to mobilise young voters and rally the youth at easy.

“A lot of names were thrown into the ring and I understand Muda’ name came out tops. I’m confident he will land the post.

“It is known he has the backing of the first family, and his political works in Midlands Province and in the party Zanu-PF as a whole too speaks volumes about his ability to drive home the Zanu-PF youth agenda”, said the source close to the goings on in Zanu-PF.

Muda is currently on a whirlwind tour of the Midlands party structures. He together with party Chairman Larry Mavhima, and his vice Edison Chiherenge have been to Gokwe South, North, Kwekwe, Gweru, Zvishavane preaching the gospel of unity within Zanu-PF raising suspicion the meetings could be part of the project to boost Muda’ chances that of landing the big post.

Youth wing is a well known strategic unity of Zanu-PF come election time. The recent re-organisation of the National Youth Services (NYS) too speaks volumes about what is ahead of the political spectrum.

In Kwekwe, Muda and Mavhima acknowledged there was a time when both could not agree on anything to do with ZanuPF in Midlands thereby confirming the fall out between the two leading to the layoff of Muda from Government.

Mavhima whose wife is allegedly a niece of the President, commands the respect of the first family too while Muda is regarded as the “First son” and confidante of Zim One another official working title of the President.

However, it is in Zvishavane last week where the party’ deputy provincial chairman Edison Chiherenge nearly let the cat out of the bag after he addressed the gathering there President Mnangagwa ordered the provincial leadership to restore Muda’ status that of Secretary for Security.

As the battle for control of Midlands ensued, the Mavhima led province had stripped the former off power to a lesser post that of Provincial Secretary for Labour during the time of the hottly disputed provincial elections sometime this year. Mavhima emerged victorious on that one after he was all about cutterpulted to his current position ahead of Muda.

Chiherenge could not hide his joy, “Zanu-PF rewards. Yes, it rewards those who works hard for the party like my brother Owen ‘Muda’ Ncube”, he said.

The position of the National Secretary for Youth in the Politiburo fell vacant some years back after Pupurai Togarepi was removed off his duties under unclear circumstances.

Togarepi took over from the motor mouth Kudzai Chipanga whose appointment came after the now late Absolom Sikhosaba who had served in that capacity from the year 2000 to 2014.

Chipanga was removed of the chair during the time around November 2017 when President, Robert Mugabe was too sent packing in a movie style by his juniors in both the government and party Zanu-PF.

Should the appointment be confirmed in October, Muda known in Zanu-PF circles as a no-nonsense man, is likely to be tasked with a rejuvenation exercises of the seemingly on-sleep mode Zanu-PF youth wing whose current leadership is far too short in terms of robustness than that of the leading opposition youth assembly particularly the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), this in the eyes of political watchers.

Mnangagwa is set to lock horns in a nail biting 2023 encounter with Nelson Chamisa of the leading opposition political party CCC.

Mnangagwa who turned 80 last week, is determined to run for another Presidential term, a term he knows he is likely to suffer some bruises should he enter the race with a weaker election team, hence Muda’ said appointment could be on point.

With reports of corruption, looting of government resources and smuggling of precious metals among many other ills, Mnangagwa is faced with an uphill task come election time.

Riding on the back of an under performing economy, opposition leader Chamisa says this time around presidential election results will have to be announced whilst he is at State House.

Muda refused to comment on the matter citing Zanu-PF party protocol on communications.

Zanu-PF National Spokesperson Ambassador, Chris Mutavangwa was not picking up calls.