Emthonjeni school headmaster in hot soup


…extravagant head takes staffers on a honeymoon in Vic Falls, Botswana

…Head Mwale claims he took teachers on ‘motivational tour’


KWEKWE– Parents with children learning at Emthonjeni Primary School in Mbizo suburb, Kwekwe, are up in arms with the school headmaster who they accuse of abuse of office amid a multiplicity of accusations including claims that the school head once took his entire staff on a honeymoon in Victoria Falls and neighboring Botswana using school resources, it has emerged.

In turn, Edward Mwale, the school headmaster alleges that ‘this is the work of disgruntled enemies’ who are working against him.

In a letter directed to the Kwekwe District Schools Inspector (DSI) seen by midlandsnews, the Emthonjeni school head allegedly runs a pre-school located proxy to the state-run primary school which is allegedly milking the coffers of Emthonjeni. The pre-school, called Tagona Pre-School and Day-Care centre, allegedly thrives on Emthonjeni resources and in 2017, it is alleged that the pre-school also used the primary school’s premises for its prize giving and graduation ceremony.

“The head uses the school bus for personal use with the fuel procured from school funds. In 2017, he used the (school) bus for errands at his farm where he used the trailer to carry firewood; the trailer broke down…and has not been fixed to date”, reads part of the letter.

It is also alleged that Mwale gave a tender to his aunt, an ECD teacher at Emthonjeni primary school by the name Chikuvadze, a tender to supply stationery at the school.

Other allegations which are being leveled against Mwale include poorly-evidenced claims that the school headmaster has also been unilaterally collecting monies from religious sects which use the school’s classroom blocks for church services on a weekly basis and also that he unprocedurally awarded a tender to his mother-in-law for the supply of school tracksuits.

The strong-worded five-page dispatch also alleges that Mwale, who has been at the helm of Emthonjeni Primary for about 15 years now, once took his entire staff compliment of 23 teachers on a four-day spending spree in resort Victoria Falls and neighboring Botswana, leaving the pupils unattended to.

“DSI, are you aware that the Head approved 23 teachers for a trip to Victoria Falls for four days whilst the learners remain (sic) behind without teachers (sic). They proceeded to Botswana from Victoria Falls using parents’ money… This was in November 2018”, claims the letter.

But, speaking to midlandsnews, Mwale said the allegations were emanating from an aggrieved section of his enemies who want to taint his image.

“It’s very unfortunate. You know, as a leader, you receive such allegations because, I know (that) I have so many enemies around me, I know. I know the sources (and) where they are coming from. I think that you know, as a leader people just try to cook up stories”, said Mwale.

He, however, conceded that the school engaged in a trip to the Victoria Falls and Botswana, but insisted that it was the School Development Committee (SDC) which organized the controversial ‘staff motivational’ trip. He said the trip was organized to motivate the teachers after ‘three to five students had obtained five units at Grade Seven.

“We worked with the SDC (and) they have an input to that (Victoria Falls) trip. The trip to Victoria Falls was organized by the school and the SDC members. It was a way of trying to motivate the teachers since they did a good work. We’d three to five pupils who’d obtained five units’ so, we wanted to do something for our teachers”, he said.

Questioned on claims that Tagona Pre-school- accused of milking Emthonjeni primary school resources- is under his ownership, Mwale said the school was under the ownership of his wife.

“It (Tagona pre-school) is under my wife. She is running a pre-school. I am not the one who is running that”, said Mwale as he understandably skirted reports that the pre-school was bleeding Emthonjeni of its essential educational resources.

Efforts to get a comment from the Kwekwe district schools inspector, a Mazambani and the SDC chairperson, were fruitless during the time of publishing.

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