Small house drags lover’s wife to court



KWEKWE- A Kwekwe woman, Margaret Sibanda, has dragged the wife of his sit-in lover to court for destroying her property and taking away groceries from her house in Mbizo neighborhood following a brawl.

She has since applied for a peace order.

Sibanda who admitted to dating Winnie Khaloti’s husband told the court that Khaloti destroyed her property, poured water on her Blood Pressure (BP) tablets before taking away RTGS$30 from her house. She also told Kwekwe magistrate Story Rushambwa that Khaloti promised to recompense the damages but only paid RTGS$38, saying ‘that was enough’.

“She (Khaloti) came to my house holding a lash and when I saw her in a rage, I had to run for my life and she then poured water on my bed, on my BP tablets and also on my DVD player taking away my $30. She also threw away my groceries”, said Sibanda.

“She promised to reimburse the damages she caused but only gave me RTGS$38 and said she was done”, continued Sibanda.

On the other hand, Khaloti who is customarily married to an unnamed gold dealer, blamed her husband who, she says, is in the habit of dating girlfriends and usually takes away groceries from their matrimonial home to feed his girlfriends, saying this was the root cause of all their problems.

Khaloti also told the court that she had no intention of beating up Sibanda, claiming that she had gone to reclaim her groceries which his husband had taken from their household to his girlfriend’s place.

“I went there for my groceries which my husband had taken to her place and when I saw that she ran away, I did not take anything. It was my husband’s 14 year old boy who took the grocery”, submitted Khaloti.

Nevertheless, the court granted a peace order prohibiting Khaloti from visiting the applicant’s place and also to desist from harassing her.

In another case, Cecilia Ngwenya of Amaveni in Kwekwe also sought a Peace Order against her abusive ex-boyfriend Marshall Mpofu who is in the habit of allegedly harassing and assaulting her at her work place in the Midlands mining town.

The court granted a Peace Order which will be effective for five years and also ruled that Mpofu should desist from either verbally or physically harassing the applicant. Mpofu was also told to desist from approaching the applicant’s place of residence and her workplace.



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