Kwekwe Housing director reported to ZACC


A CLERK-TYPIST in Kwekwe City Council’s Housing and Community Service Department has lift the lid on rampant corruption and abuse of office in the issuance of stands, calling on the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) to intervene to save the tattered integrity of the council.

In a letter to Zacc gleaned by Zim Morning Post the clerk-typist Vimbai Hurasha raises alarm over the conduct of Housing and Community Service Department director E Chiangwa accusing him of corrupt activities that include enriching himself on the back of bribe taking in the allocation of residential stands.

“He demands bribe money ranging from US$100 to US$400 or even more from prospective buyers and land seekers,” Hurasha wrote, further accusing Chiangwa of using council resources to run his gold mining activities. 

“The money is paid to him through our office and is received by his secretary who is also acting as the Housing Administration Officer Mrs Christine Mjanga (nee Phiri). At times he asks me to receive it on his behalf,” she added.

Hurasha said those not on the waiting list but pay are told to register and then are allocated stands.

“You can check the records and you will see that many of those allocated stands, recently in June were new registrants who were not on the waiting list,” she said, adding:

“According to an advert in the Sunday Mail, 2 June 2019, Kwekwe City Council was offering residential stands and the interviews before the date.”

“Mrs Mjanga and myself were told to type offer letters on June 8 2019 at night. We worked from around 6pm when everyone else had gone till 11pm. I was given US$50 and Mrs Mjanga, my senior, US$100 as thank you. He is now lying that we worked at night because of ZESA, a great and naked lie.”

She added: “He is also lying that the stands were offered to councilors and those left out had problems when stands under section 22 Mbizo were issued out. He gave some of his friend’s more than two stands.

“One of his front man, Patrick Shonhe also an employee under the same department has a number of stands and houses. He also has a number of cars and recently imported a new car. All this from the dirty deals. His salary does not match his life style.”

Hurasha further called on the graft-busting body to investigate Mjanga whom she said has many residential stands registered in relatives’ names.

“Probe her bank accounts they are many. She corruptly sold a stand to a Mrs Tsungirirai Chikwanda. Investigate how this lady got her stand recently,” Hurasha said.

Hurasha also accused Chiangwa of attempting to make her his lover, promising that he will recommend her promotion if she accepts or alternatively make her life difficult at work if she declines.

Hurasha said she has approached the internal audit manager at Kwekwe City Council to raise alarm over the Chiangwa’s actions but nothing was done.

She said the acting town clerk has also become part of the clique hence corruption continues without restraint.

“You cannot understand the magnitude of the corruption and scandals if you don’t carry a thorough investigation. This must be done as soon as possible before stands earmarked for section 15 extension and section 23 Mbizo are issued out. The investigations must also extend to the Civic Centre,” she said.

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