Sheasham shift base to Gweru Sports Club



Ambitious Central Soccer League side Sheasham Footbal Club has shifted their base from Mkoba Stadium to Gweru Sports Club ahead of the 2020 season.

Gweru Sports Club which was used mainly for rugby and cricket will this year add football on its menu.

John Makhuwalo of Gweru Sports Club was quoted  they decided to refurbish the facility so that it accommodate football which has a wider following.

“The facility will now house football which is arguably the most followed sporting discipline in the country”,

“We will be in full swing once touch ups are complete”,

“Two Keys Zimbabwe and Sheasham FC have made work easier at the sports facility with their contributions,” he said.

Mukwalo said that Two Keys Zimbabwe and Sheasham played a role in the refurbishment of the facility since they are interested parties.

“Sheasham FC worked hard to get the football pitch improved because they will host their Division One games here ,while Two Keys have been working on the squash courts with hopes to host the 2020 Squash Open,” he added.

Sheasham slumped on the last minute last season’s race for the Premiership slot.

Whawha FC then got promoted ahead of them.

Source: communitytalk